Musicians from Bolderāja, the main suburb of Riga. The band "Mūzikas kolekcija" (“Music collection”) performs music in own acoustic and electronic arrangement in different languages both personally composed, and written by other famous composers.

The name of the band is popular in Latvia for more than 15 years. There have been recorded several albums in Latvian and Russian. On our home page it is possible to listen to our songs, to watch our videos, and to download the sheet music.


We offer a variety of musical entertainments at celebrations and public events.
Play at bars, restaurants and outdoor, as well as in small and large concert halls, at parties, weddings and anniversaries.
Play at dance parties.
Perform classical music concerts.
Provide mini concerts during presentations and VIP events.
Perform as a folk band "Bolderāja" ("Bolderaja").
Create scenarios for events and chair events.
Provide karaoke and DJ.
Offer musical accompaniment and rent of sound and lighting equipment.
We offer a studio for recording and rehearsals, as well as consultations and training for young musicians and vocalists.

The lineup

The core lineup consists of four musicians and a soloist.
Performing in a group of two musicians (keyboards, violin, guitar + voice).
Performing solo (keyboards, guitar + voice).

Musical instruments

Electronic keyboards, accordion, harmonica, guitar, violin, electronic drums, and more.

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The repertoire

Our repertoire corresponds to the name of the band. These are the song and instrumental works loved by Latvian people, Russian pop hits, popular jazz tunes, classical music and the best works of the world famous pop composers.

Technical Rider (2014)

See you at your event!!!

Mūzikas kolekcija 2014